Tool Sharpening

Every mason and stone-carver knows that nothing beats traditional fire-sharp tools. This course demonstrates and teaches the skills of re-forging, hardening and tempering. Participants are encouraged to bring their own dull tools for re-working, full instruction being given, together with advice on setting up their own small forge.

Course Tutor: Alun Walker

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Masonry Conservation

This three day course focuses on sympathetic repair of stone and mortar conservation work, geared up for masons working on historic buildings and professionals alike. We will be looking at aggregates and binders used for mortars, correct applications for repointing and stone repair. We will also look at stone indenting, correct tooling of stones and when to replace a stone or repair.

Course Tutor: Brendan Teasdale

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Intermediate Masonry Skills

A course continuing from the basic level, introducing further tools and more advanced sequences of use, although, as before, all levels of experience can be accommodated.

Course Tutor: Brendan Teasdale

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Basic Masonry Skills

A course for those with limited or no experience. It covers the common tools and how to use them; working surfaces and mouldings. All levels of skill and experience can be accommodated to make this, and all Masonry Skills courses part of an ongoing programme of learning.

Course Tutor: Brendan Teasdale

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Lime Mortars

This course covers both the theory and practical work and is suitable for Architects, Quantity Surveyor, etc. as well as stonemasons.

The theme of the weekend is to save the maximum amount of a building’s fabric by adopting a policy of repair not restoration. It covers the ways in which lime mortars may be used and their advantages over cement mortars.

Tutor: John Byrne

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The drawing and layout of letters and carving them in slate and stone.

Students study, draw and set out the Trajan capital alphabet prior to cutting them in slate and stone. These letter re the building blocks to designing and carving all hand cut lettering and will inform students how to develop their own carved lettering. Proportion, spacing and design will be covered, along with practical tool skills, materials and suppliers.

This course is suitable for all students, from beginners to advanced, all will have the chance to stretch their skills to a greater level and returning students will continue on a progressive theme often bringing along existing projects for development.

Course Tutor: Shaun Bradley

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The weekend aims to give a grounding in drawing with a bias towards working in stone and being able to put down on paper what is in your head. We will cover methods of shading, use of line, composition, some perspective and proportions of the face and figure and learning to look. It is an intense course with a lot to fit into two days and plenty of hands on practice and exercises.

I aim to give people confidence beyond what they feel capable of at the moment and not to feel they have to rely on photocopies.

Those working in other disciplines such as painting or clay modelling are welcome too as are all levels of ability.

Course Tutor: Pam Harmer

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Restoration Carving

A course designed to help masons draw, set-out and carve traditional stone features found in ancient buildings. It includes a study of the designs prevalent at different periods, e.g. Norman, Early English, etc. Students attending on a regular basis will follow a progressive theme.

Course Tutor: Tim Crawley

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Relief Carving in slate

This course is specific to the good design and execution of memorials of all kinds. It begins with a study of existing memorials both ancient and modern. Students are then helped to design a memorial feature, set it out on stone or slate and carve it in relief. The course is suitable for all levels of ability.

Tutor: Shaun Bradley

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