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Restoration Carving

A course designed to help masons draw, set-out and carve traditional stone features found in ancient buildings.

Basic Masonry Skills

A course for those with limited or no experience.


The drawing and layout of letters and carving them in slate and stone.

Intermediate Masonry Skills

A course continuing from the basic level, introducing further tools and more advanced sequences of use

Relief Carving in slate

This course is specific to the good design and execution of memorials of all kinds.


This course aims to give a grounding in drawing with a bias towards working in stone and being able to put down on paper what is in your head.

Advanced Masonry Skills

A practical course for those with a moderate level of experience to enable them to improve their skills.

Masonry Conservation

This course covers the dressing and tooling of stone.

Lime Mortars

This course covers both the theory and practical work and is suitable for Architects, Quantity Surveyor, etc. as well as stonemasons.

Tool Sharpening

Every mason and stone-carver knows that nothing beats traditional fire-sharp tools.